Medical doctor or laborant holding injection vaccine. Concept of Covid-19 treatment and prevention.

A healthy lifestyle relies on maintaining overall wellness and taking ongoing preventative measures. That's why having someone by your side who understands what approach/treatment is best for you and how it should work in conjunction with your daily habits makes such a difference. Understanding this enables our team to provide quality treatment options that promote long-term health, peace of mind, and comfort for a life well lived!

Illness: An unexpected cold or flu are among the most common reasons people visit urgent care clinics. While these may not be life-threatening, they can still disrupt your day-to-day routine, taking you away from work or limiting your abilities at home. At Century Primary Care, we promise to offer exceptional care with fast response times, so that you can return to optimal health in no time.

Adult Medicine: Are you suffering from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other common health concerns associated with the natural aging process? If so, our skilled physicians can help by diagnosing, treating, and offering valuable information on various conditions so you can take back control of your health.

Physical Examinations: Has it been a while since your last physical? At Century Primary Care, we cover all the basics, including heart rate monitoring, height/weight measurements, blood pressure tests, cholesterol level checks, and more. We also offer a range of specialized physicals required for Department of Transportation (DOT), immigration, and employment exams.

Immigration Physicals: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires green card and US citizenship applicants to receive a full physical before they can be approved for residency in the country or naturalization as an American citizen, and Century Primary Care is here to make that process efficient and as smooth as possible.

Well-Child Exams: Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. During the physical exam at each visit, the doctors at Century Primary Care will check for problems in order to make sure that your child is developing properly and that no underlying issues are present.


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